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              Florida Living History Group (FLHG)



 The Florida Living history Group (FLHG) is a large collection of Re-enactors, Vendors and Event Coordinators working together to create  lasting impressions for historical learning. The FLHG strives to educate the public in aspects of history by providing professional re-enactors and displays for events and public shows. Additionally the FLHG provides access to insurance as well as being a community builder for the re-enactors of Florida. The FLHG works with Vendors and event Organizers to build strong and creative demonstrations, displays and shows to provide the best possible education and entertainment value. The FLHG is focused on veterans and service to the community by sponsorships and supporting no- profit organizations doing good in the community for elderly veterans as well as others. The FLHG is open to all eras of re-enactors and currently is home to 6 different reenacting units. The FLHG hosts several shows and provides venues for reenactments. The members of the FLHG are well trained and very motivated in this hobby and believe in Teaching History through Living History. We look forward to working here in Florida with the reenactment community to nurture, support and build the hobby of reenacting for everyone!


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