Our Mission

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”



“Our Cherished Mission”.


Our veterans are the window to our past and history. We cherish and honor their duty and sacrifice. We look to them to tell us what can go wrong and will go wrong if we forget the lessons of the past. Sadly World War II veterans are starting to pass away in every increasing and alarming numbers. These brave and honored souls have given in life all that could ever be expected and in some cases even more, but now as these great veterans pass on, we are lose their stories.


Members of the 1.SS Pz. Pi. 1. Bat 2. Kompanie "Leibstandarte". Wants to keep all veteran’s stories alive. It is our duty and honor to remember them and to tell their stories to younger generations so that the horror of that war and all wars will never be forgotten. We invite you to see the stories of veterans and to feel the times and places long forgotten. By re-enacting the lives, battles and the camaraderie of our veterans we can show the public what that greatest of generations gave in the hopes that our future would be free of the fear and pain of war.


We ask that you help us keep history alive. How? Visit a historical monument in honor of veterans. Come see a reenactment of WWII put on by a World War II Reenacting units. Visit veterans in your own community and show them your support and care. We are running out of time to share and learn with these magnificent people who gave so much. We can and will save their story for generations to come, but only with your help.


For more information on re-enacting World War II and our fight to keep history alive, send questions and comments to;

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 We accept donations in support of our mission to keep history alive here in Florida.


“For Peace and Freedom I shall fight, and to my God and my Country, It is your name I shall defend”.

David Hawley 1990.


 “Remember only the dead have seen the end of war”.