Message from the Unit Commander


 It is with a great sense of pride an honor that I enter my sixth year as the Commander of the 1. SS Panzer Pioneer 2nd Kompanie in Florida. I have been so blessed to have met you all and to have shared events, evenings and meals together. I have seen no less than 20 members come into this unit  and go on to bigger challenges in their lives. Some of these former members are now graduating from college. Others have started families and embarked on fine careers. A few have gone on to serve this great country in its armed forces. I am proud of each of them for the commitment  they show to their country, future, family and friends.  I am equally proud of the fact that this unit has a strong history and shares a great following of Alumni.

I could fill pages with the achievements and accomplishments we have made together along this journey and the recognition is well deserved. Great units however are not great because of what they did, they are great because of what they strive to continue to do. We have set the standard here and we have pushed the boundaries to make the hobby, events and the experience better for all of us. Are we there yet? No. Will we ever be there? Most likely not. Because we all know and realize that you can always do more to be better at this. In this thought you should however take joy in the journey and strive to do your best. Strive to do your best  to make each event better not only for yourself and your own impression but for the betterment of us all. We boast some of the most motivated and educated members I've known in any re-enactment arena. We have a wealth of skill and knowledge here. we  also have a responsibility to respect and learn from each other. We have a duty to perform the part we portray with faithfulness to the truth, dignity and respect. That is a big responsibility, one I know you are all up to achieving. I know this because, we get things done. Let us take this season and work as hard as we can to be our best and reflect that passion to the community we serve. Let us continue to carry the standard we picked up from the dirt six years ago. Lets embrace our newest members and give them every bit of our energy to help them stand up when we each move on to greater challenges in our own lives. Do this so they can stand in our place and keep this unit and its mission alive. I ask each of you to as always be safe, do your best and have a good time doing this!

Best regards for a great new season,

Your Commander



Command NCO Notice.

1st SS:  Please share your intentions with me for up and coming Training event for the unit.  Some of you have already indicated that through the FB event page but please reply so I can confirm that you are aware of this event for the unit.
 It would seem from our FB event posting that we will be having a better attendance for our counterparts in the field.  I have spoken with Paul Linder, the one lone Russian from last year, and  he will be bringing at least five Russians to date.  We have opened this up to the Americans as well.
Art Durishymer as indicated that we would act as the Allied commander for the Training weekend. Of course our very own lovable unit commander will act as the Axis commander.
For the younger members that can only come out on that Saturday, please arrive no later then Saturday at 8:00 am.  And yes for those mothers out there, the young-lings will not be left alone in the woods by themselves.

For the new guys who may want to join us for this event. "PLEASE DO" This would be a great way to see how the unit runs in a Tactical setting.  This event is designed to have fun and learn something about tactics in the field. So its OK to make mistakes here!!!  Contact me if you have any questions.

I will be sending out the official pre-event email when it gets closer.

So men, right now I need you to let me know if you are coming out.

I have posted the FB link to this email and description. 

Your Spiess

News and Updates

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