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The Holocaust


As German force re-enactors we are acutely aware of the pain and anguish still felt by holocaust survivors and their families. It is important to note our concerns that their feelings and pain not be minimized in any way. It must be stated that we are first and foremost American citizens and many of us are veterans of the American Armed Forces.  Our unit members include Whites, Hispanics, Christians and yes even Jewish members. Each of us in this unit has taken an oath that we will not allow anyone among us whom supports, believes or  glorifies the acts of horror committed by the Third Reich of Germany on Jews, Christians, Jehovah witnesses, homosexuals, mentally or physically handicapped people and all others and for that matter even their own people. Our mission is to honor men on both sides of the battle field whom fought in the war that forever changed the world we live in. These young men fought for what they believed was right ill respective of the politics that so typified them all. The holocaust was a genuine and devastating result of what can happen when people believing they are being lead by truth and are then used, manipulated and lied to. This in no way excuses anyone from any immoral, inhumane or terrorist like atrocities visited on any group of people based on race, religion, sexual orientation or physical and or metal incapacitation. We feel it is appropriate and important that we express our understanding and  collective utter distain for the atrocities and hideous acts of violence committed by Germany in the days of the Third Reich by both in and out of uniform people on the Jewish population, Christian population, homosexuals, political dissidence, and physically and or mentally disabled people. This recognition also includes all other identified groups of people marked for slave labor, torture and mass extermination. Our members are given extensive information about the issues concerning wearing the German SS uniform when around people in the community during living history events and re-enactments. We feel by portraying the enemy as we do in a professional and historically accurate manner that we show people what the brave man and woman of the Allied fighting forces faced as they rustled freedom back from the clutches of insane and pure evil. The work we do is intended to show the public what the enemy truly was like both in their daily lives and in battle.  German soldiers were among the best trained and motivated soldiers in history. They fought with aggressive tenacity and proved to be more than a match for many countries.  We as German re-enactors also recognize the fact that the unit we portray as well as other German units of the SS did commit atrocities upon Allied soldiers as well as citizens in occupied as well as their own country. Although it can be said each country has its own shame to bare, in this fact Germany seemed to have many more such committed acts of blind hate on its record. It must always be remembered that through the combined and sustained effort of freedom loving people throughout the world that Hitler’s Third Reich finally was defeated. We hope that by providing this information and continuing to have interaction with the public that we can educate people not only to the true horror of war but also to nature of man. We implore you to take another step as you look at this unit and WWII re-enacting as a whole to also see what the holocaust was and how it destroyed generations of human life, see the story  and remember those who lived and died in some of the worst conditions ever possible. Below are a few web sites and museum addresses to help keep one of the biggest truths of the Third Reich in focus. Least history ever repeats this horrifying nightmare.


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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum