All required items must be attained by one year's time. Loaner gear is limited! Those having all required items at their fourth event will be promoted to Oberschutze during their membership ceremony.

- Ask your Officer and NCO's before buying, and SHOP, SHOP and SHOP!

-The unit commander will set the camo type to be used at events. Heer camo is unacceptable.

-Web gear is generally frowned upon. SSLAH received the best-that means leather.

-Jackboots are encouraged, SSLAH was heavily-issued these until the end of the war.

-Optional and personal items are strongly encouraged. Don't forget that half our shows are public, plus these items are also useful in the field. Make sure to show all no regulation items you plan to show and use at events to the Unit Command NCO for approval in camp and at events.

It is very important that you make contact with the unit command NCO if you have any questions about items you have or are considering buying BEFORE you bring them and start wearing them at events.


*Any and all uniform items or  uniform accessories are at the discretion of the Unit Commander.

* Visor Caps (any type includes crusher) are reserved for Officers only. The use Visor Caps by anyone other than an officer must be approved by the Unit Commander in advance of the member wearing it.

* Oak type m-40, 42 camo caps are reserved for  Officers and NCOs only. Use of this cap must be approved by the Command NCO before the member wears it.

* The wearing of a side arm is reserved for  Officers and NCOs only. Use and carry can be approved by the Commanding Officer for tactical events provided the safety check is completed and the Officer is asked before the unit member carries the side arm.

* Any non standard or pre war uniforms are not encouraged at events. The use must be approved by the Unit Commander BEFORE the item is to be worn.




Required Items List/ Suggested Items

 Required Items in Preferred Styles

Stahlhalm: M-40, M-42; single decal;feldgrau


 M-35; 2 decal, 0 decal; camo  Spanish, plastic

Helmet Cover: Oak A,B,blurred edge (BE), plain tree (PT) 


 Foliage net, chicken wire, inner tube  Dot44

Feldmutze: Wool M-43 (single or double button), M-40


 M-35 (officer)
 Euro Conversions

Feldbluse: Wool M-40,M-43


 None. Euro Conversions

Camo Top: Type II Smock; Oak A, B, BE, PT


 None. None.

Hose: Wool M37-M43


 Euro Conversions

Stiefel: Jackboots*, Low books


 *Rubber soles
 Work Boots

KoppelschloB: SS;non-painted, painted, aluminum 


 None. Chromed

Y-Straps: Black leather


 Postwar, Flsrmjgr,etc
 K98 Ammo Pouches: x2 Black None.

Brotbeutel: Green, tan any issued bread bag



Feldflasche: .6L("small"),metal cup


 Quality Conversion;any color plastic cup  None.

Kochgeschirr: M-31


 short top postwar

Mess Utensils: Spork/Spoon


3- piece None.

Bayonet/Frog: black leather,standard or "SS"



 with or w/o loop

Optional items

 Optional Items in Preferred Style
 Alternative(s) Unacceptable
 Uniform: HBT
 None. None.
 Camo Hose: Oak A, B, BE, PT,
 Italian,Dot44 None.

 Shovel: straight,blued or painted black


Folding;gray or green  None.
 Gas Mask Canister: tall style  None. Civilian "Auer"
 Gas Cape Bag: Cloth or rubberized
 None. None.

 Zeltbahn: Oak A,B,BE,PT


 French,Early Postwar
 Odd camo

 Butterdose: any color of original,postwar,or repro


 Aluminum  None.
 Sport Shirt Patch: SSLAH emblem  Siegrunen None.

 Taschenlampe: 3-color style


 Single Color