Combat Reports

Operation New Moon 12-03-10 to 12-05-10/ (07-03-44 to 07-05-44)

1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion’s After Action Report (AAR).

1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion arrived to reinforce German lines in the Trun District South of  Falaise area.  1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion set up a camp and forward observation post at grid 4/C. (German grid map). Command was notified of our position and strength and disposition of weapons.  Command issued general orders and authorized recon of Chambois area and North grid 2.3.H at 18:00.

At 20:00 on  Friday 12-03-10 (07-03-44).  A command meeting was held at staff HQ. Forces present included the 1. SS LAH Pz. Pi. 2. Kompanie, 1st Waffen-SS LAH (Aufklarung ), 500.600/SS. Fallschirmjager, Elements of the 3. Fallschirmjager Regiment, Elements of Heer Polizie and mixed elements of other SS Units as well as elements of the 228th Panzerjager Battalion.

Recon of Chambois area and North grid 2.3.H was conducted at 21:00 on 12-03-10 (07-03-44). One (1) undermanned squad of the 1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion moved East and then North in an attempt to ascertain usability and navigation of roads and trails North toward Allied lines. Report was completed and the information was given to German Command at 23:00.

A recon mission was then organized to gather unit strength and equipment from the Allied line and North to Trun. At24:00 this mission was conducted by 1. SS LAH Pz. Pi. 2. Kompanie. This mission was successful in gathering required information on Allied disposition as well as a leaflet drop mission of propaganda letters in the Trun area where the Allied base and fuel dump was spotted.

All forces returned undetected and formed a guard perimeter around the camp running at least one (1) contact patrol to insure the Western flank of our camp. At 02:30 the forward Listening post did report voices and movement beyond the German line. A patrol was sent but no contact was made.

06:00 on Saturday 12-04-10 (07-04-44) Weather is clear and cool with almost no wind. Unit prepares for operations as notification of Allied movement is received by German HQ Staff. 1 SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion, moved on Chambois at 07:30 and patrolled the line into and around Chambois at grid 4.H (German map).  Contact was established with HQ and minen operations began. Mines were laid in an effort to provide a dense screen of security from Chambois South to prevent quick Allied movement past this town. The Kompanie was deployed to provide maximum security on this road.

At 10:00 a force of two (2) individuals were captured moving north toward Chambois on the access road D916. Intel was collected and command requested the individuals be moved to the bunker complex being used as a temporary command center. As ordered subjects were turned over to Heer Command. One (1) was summarily executed in accordance with standing orders from OKW and articles of war (acting as a partisan and withholding critical intelligence as well as acting to conspire against forces of Germany).

At 10:45 HQ requested support to counter a strong Allied force demonstrating in to their front and right flank. 1 SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion moved forward down road D13 in an effort to relieve the bunker complex. Our first attack was successful in forcing Allied forces to move toward us and away from the bunker. Under a dense smoke screen we advanced to 4. F. (German map) before we took heavy casualties. Our attack was halted under withering fire from Allied heavy weapons and mobile forces. Fearing a flanking move from behind the bunkers and after a second un- successful counter attack, the unit was ordered by its commander to retired to defend Chambois proper.

At 11:20 Allied forces pushed from the West on D13 toward Chambois. Allied Airborne forces which landed near 172 Bemes at 6. I (German map) moved North on D916 toward Chambois.  Allied forces move slowly under heavy fire taking a great many casualties from minens, booby trapped items and rifle fire. However they did push into Chambois at 11:50.  1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion  was able to defeat in detail the  Allied Airborne units but fell to the American infantry companies on D13. At 12:10. A retreat was organized with all remaining forces and we moved South on D916 toward Argentan.

1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion arrived in Argentan and deployed into a strong defensive line just south of the center of the town. The unit held this position during two (2) hours of fighting around the town of Argentan. At 14:20 HQ ordered a general attack to counter all remaining Allied forces pinned down in the hedge row areas North and North East of the town of Argentan. 1 SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion did cross over the town and defeat the remaining Allied forces with other remaining SS units in support.

The road was cleared and retreating German forces were able to use the gap here to retreat back to stronger lines. 1 SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion took up defensive positions near the Axis camp and held for an Allied counter attack.

Map shows combat movement of the 1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion on 12-04-10



06:00 on Sunday 12-05-10 (07-05-44) Weather is cool cloudy with light rain, wind 5-10 mph. Allied forces are noted moving up to relief elements cut off in the Chambois area.  500.600/SS. Fallschirmjager, deploys around Chambois to counter an Allied patrol sent to probe the line in and around the bunker complex and Chambois. Contact is made at 10:00 on Sunday 12-05-10 (07-05-44) with Allied forces attempting to envelope the town of Chambois. 1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion deploys at 10:20 and is able to flank Allied forces around the bunker complex. Allied forces are destroyed and the 1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion moves to support the   500.600/SS. Fallschirmjager, which were firmly in control of Chambois and the surrounding wood. Allied forces evacuate to the bunker complex at 11:00 to hold down for support German Forces surround the defending Allied forces and attacked the bunker in force. A battle to take the bunker caused heavy German casualties but by 11:30 the bunkers again fell to German hands.

Map shows combat movement of the 1. SS LAH, Pz. Pi.  2. Kompanie 1. Battalion on 12-05-10